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How to Make Homemade Tomato Ketchup Easily |2021|

Hey everyone, tomato ketchup is everyone’s favourite sauce to go with any thing so here’s an recipe about “How to Make Homemade Tomato Ketchup Easily “.

Tasty, vibrant, homemade ketchup or pasta sauce guaranteed to have you ever coming for a lot of.

This ketchup is loaded with recent ingredients like tomatoes, garlic and ginger creating the flavors wealthy and delicious.

It’s additionally low-fat, vegetarian and gluten-free. Serve cetchup along with your favorite facet or snacks.

How to Make Homemade Tomato Ketchup Easily

About This ketchup

Before I begin to put in writing concerning this formula, let Maine tell you that the names ketchup and pasta sauce square measure used interchangeably in Asian country.

Whereas pasta sauce is thought as a base wont to create tomato food within the West.


▢2.5 kg tomatoes or approx five.4 lbs tomatoes

▢3 to 4 grams garlic – fifteen to sixteen medium garlic cloves

▢3 to 4 grams ginger – three items of concerning three in. ginger

▢5 to 7 dry red chilies – deseeded and halved

▢½ cup golden raisins

▢½ cup apple beverage vinegar or white vinegar

▢1 tablespoon rock salt (edible and food grade)

▢6 to 7 tablespoon organic cane sugar or regular sugar

▢¼ teaspoon sodium benzoate dissolved in one teaspoon quandary.

Making the formula:-



>> Rinse the tomatoes well in water.

>> Slice the highest eye elements of the tomatoes. Roughly chop the tomatoes.

>> Discard noticed elements or peels.

>> Peel and rinse the garlic, ginger. Later roughly chop them.

>> Halve and deseed the dry red chilies.

>> Rinse the raisins and keep aside.

Cooking Tomatoes

>> In a large pot or casserole or a four to five cubic decimetre steriliser, take all the shredded tomatoes.

>> Add the ginger, garlic, red chilies, raisins, vinegar, salt and sugar.

>> Mix well and keep the pot or cooking utensil on a coffee to medium flame on the stove prime.

>> Keep on stirring at intervals.

>> When the tomatoes soften, turn off the fireplace. The softening takes concerning twenty five to twenty seven minutes.

>> When the mixture is slightly hot or heat, mix the puree with AN immersion liquidizer or during a regular liquidizer.

If employing a regular liquidizer, then don’t add too hot of the tomato mixture.

Make a swish puree.

>> With a filter that isn’t terribly fine, strain the puree fine directly into a pot or an oversized sauce pan.

>> Strain fine. currently you’ll sterilize the jar.

>> Sterilizing Jar For Storing pasta sauce

>> First rinse the jar. During a giant sauce pan heat water until it reaches its boiling purpose – which means it’s begun to boil.

>> Immerse the jar and its lid within the quandary. Still boil the water together with jar for eight to ten minutes.

>> Remove the jar with the assistance of fresh pair of tongs and place the jar inverted on a thick towel unbroken on the room work surface. Let the jar dry naturally.

Making pasta sauce

>> Keep the pot or pan with the strained tomato pulp on the stove prime,

>> On a coffee to medium flame, simmer the pulp until it starts thickening and reaches a tomato ketchup like consistency. Takes concerning thirty five to forty minutes.

>> benzoate. The preservative ought to be dissolved within the water.

>> Pour the benzoate of soda answer to the recent ketchup. Combine and stir fine.

>> Pour the recent pasta sauce within the sterilized jar. Shut tightly with the lid.

>> Let the sauce cool and be unbroken aside for a few hours or daily. Then keep it within the icebox and use when one or a pair of days.

Serve pasta sauce/ketchup with any snack or starter.

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