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Food to Avoid During Pregnancy | 2021 – STRATOFOOD |

Some food aren’t safe to eat after you area unit pregnant!
When you are pregnant basically means you and your baby consumes one meal. Whatever is eaten by you is eaten by your baby. So keeping an healthy diet. So what food to avoid during pregnancy is big question!

There are many ladies confused to what to not eat about!

So no worries here are some basic food items that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Let’s have a look!

Food to avoid during pregnancy

1) Unpasteurized milk, fruit juices, Or cheese

These ingredients contains an array of harmful bacterias which includes salmonella, listeria, campylobacter.

Bactarias can be naturally occurring or caused during storage.

To avoid consume pasteurized milk, cheese or fruit juice.

2) Alcohol

It’s advised to completely avoid consuming alcohol when pregnant. As it increases the risk of miscarriage.

It can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome, when you consume alcohol during pregnancy.

3) Raw sprouts

Raw sprouts including alfalfa, mung beans, radish may be contaminated with salmonella.

You’re advised to avoid raw sprouts. Sprouts are safe to consume but only when they cooked.

4) Caffeine

You maybe one of those who loves a cup of coffee daily, tea, soft drinks, daily. You’re not alone when it comes to love for caffeine.

Pregnant ladies are advised to not or limited amount of caffeine to consume. Which is less than 209 milligrams(mg) in a day.

Caffeine is absorbed quickly and passes through placenta.

It can increase the risk of low weight in the time of delivery.

5) Raw eggs

Easting raw eggs can contaminate with selmonella bacteria.

In rare cases, infection may cause uterus crams leasing to premature baby.

Food that basically contains raw eggs are:
•hollandaise sauce
•homemade salad dressings
•homemade ice cream
•scrambled eggs
•half fried omelette

Always make sure to cook the eggs and then consume for a safer side.

6) Uncooked/raw Meat

Eating raw or uncooked meat affects into infection of many bacteria.

Bacteria can be threaten to health of the baby.

Cut meat, patties ,meat , burgers ,pork should not be consumed raw. Grill it and you are good to go.

Pregnant women should avoid processed meat unless and until its reheated or steamed.


Food ro avoid during pregnancy


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