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Easy Summer Mango Mousse To Try For | May 2021|

Easy Summer Mango Mousse To Try For | May 2021|

Bright and creamy mango mousse is that the excellent sweet for special occasions or unpunctual sweet cravings. This eggless mango mousse instruction is straightforward to form from scratch, with no preparation needed. Follow my piecemeal directions with photos and video to make a batch of deliciously contemporary and fruity  mousse in mere ten minutes.

Easy Summer Mango Mousse To Try For | May 2021|

Why This Recipe Works

Rich and refreshing mango mousse is of course vegetarian-friendly, and this instruction is eggless in addition.
Rather than eggs – or scleroprotein or agar agar – my version options solely 3 wholesome ingredients for the brightest, most deliciously daring mango mousse. You merely want contemporary mangoes, cream, and sugar. That’s it!

Easy Summer Mango Mousse To Try For | May 2021|

Below you’ll realize steps for getting ready this no-cook sweet in as very little as ten minutes. Once you are attempting mousse with mangoes.

How to Make Mango Mousse

Make Mango Puree

1. First, prepare the mango puree. During a liquidiser, add a pair of medium sized unclothed and shredded mangoes. You’ll want regarding one. 5 cups shredded mangoes.

Mango pulp

I failed to add any sugar as these alphonso mangoes were terribly sweet. Be at liberty to feature one to a pair of tablespoons of honey or sugar, if you favor or if the mangoes don’t seem to be to a fault sweet.

Note 1: Pair solely sweet tasting mangoes with farm product. lemony or sour-sweet mangoes once mixed with cream will cause abdomen upsets.

2. Mix till you get a thick sleek mango puree. This could yield just about one cup of mango puree. Set aside.


Whip Cream

3. Add ½ cup single cream or cream to a bowl. Use an electrical beater or wired whisk to beat the cream.

Whip cream

4. Still beat the cream on medium to medium-high speed of the electrical beater till you see soft and soft peaks within the cream. Take care to not over whip.

Whip it

Add Mango Puree and Fold

5. Next add the mango puree to the topping.

Add mango puree

6. Gently fold and blend the mango puree with topping to an upscale, soft and soft consistency.


7. Pour the mango mousse in 4 to 5 little serving glasses or bowls, employing a spatula to scrape the bowl.

Cover with wrapper and chill the mousse within the white goods for regarding one hour to a few of hours.

Easy Summer Mango Mousse To Try For | May 2021|

Note2: that the colour of the mousse can vary with the sort of mangoes you have got used. Alphonso mangoes provides a bright stunning golden yellow color to the mousse.

Whereas alternative styles of mangoes could lend a lightweight yellow color.

Serving Suggestions

Serve mango mousse cold. Get pleasure from delicious home-baked mango mousse along with your favorite toppings. You’ll additionally eat it with none topping or garnish.

Opt to garnish with any of your most popular toppings like some shredded mangoes, chocolate shavings, frozen or contemporary berries, mint sprigs, fruit preserves, nuts, chocolate syrup, syrup, honey or topping.


This mango mousse can keep well within the white goods for up to three to four days. Keep the glasses coated with wrapper or transfer to a sealed instrumentality.

Tips + FAQs

What’s the simplest cream to use for creating eggless mango mousse recipe?

I have used the Indian complete of Amul cream with twenty fifth fat for this sweet. It works okay after you build desserts like mousse or for cream icings on cake.

However you’ll use significant cream, simply be further careful to not over beat the cream.

How do I build this eater mousse a vegetarian recipe?

Swap the standard cream with vegan-friendly coconut milk for a delicious mango mousse with an additional tropical twist.

What if contemporary mangoes don’t seem to be available?

You can use frozen and defrosted mangoes to form the puree, or maybe use canned mango. You’ll want regarding one cup of diced mango to form this mango mousse instruction.

What garnishes go well on mango mousse?

Enjoy this fruity mousse topped with chocolate shavings, a contemporary small indefinite quantity of topping, mint leaves, shredded batty or dried fruits, or any of your most popular goodies.

Hope you like the blog. ❤


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